Welcome to High Street WiFi, your communities internet.


Free Internet access through Wifi Zones

Network Neighbourhood is a company with a vision of bringing the UK online through free Wifi Hotspots. We are looking to supply your community with unlimited internet access. We want to help communities build better interactive areas to improve access to education, assist business functions and provide enjoyable networks.

In addition to this, we can also provide or improve your home network if your child is in need of internet for school. Covid-19 has made the whole country aware of just how important it is to stay connected, and not everyone can afford mobile data or a landline in their homes. In light of this situation High STreet WiFi was created to fill the gap.
We are looking for BID's to work with and also community projects seeking to improve their districts with WiFi.

Home Hot-Spots

Home Hot-Spots, generally these are for people with poor or no Internet. These come in various forms from USB devices to mini hubs, all connections through 4G networks. In the most unusual cases we supply Satelite connections where Mobile Data is not good enough.

Wifi Network

WiFi Networks can be from your High street to a local community project regarding a small area. This could be a local council funded club or community centre. Charity run centres qualify for our help, if you want more customers and be able to provide internet get in touch.

Community Projects

If your local community have an area where people gather regularly we can help bring the fun. People like to share what they are doing and promote things they enjoy, social media can be heavy on any tariff, get WiFi installed and have a page that lets people see your community cares.

The technicians of Network Neighbourhood have been involved in IT for over 21 years now. Having been involved in community WiFi projects since 2004, we have experience in setting up and maintaining WiFi for the masses.
We offer unique landing pages or social media check ins for access to the networks. We provide a completely tailor made solution for your network, coded in realtime so that you can see and make changes along the way. This makes getting messages to your community easy, and they can be delivered immediately.
With a pandemic in full swing this helps inform local areas of the ever changing situation around them. If you would like to see an example please check out Soho Rd, Birmingham's landing page